Bridge to Modern Investment

Blockchain and cryptocurrency are disrupting investment and fundraising behaviors. MICA is the bridge to this new era.

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We Invest ICO

MICA studies and conducts in-depth research on potential token sales in order to pick up quality projects that are worth to invest. We invest alongside our clients, so we are ambitious but careful with every investments.

We Accelerate ICO

As an active investor, MICA understands the industry standards and has the resources to advice and accelerate fundraising through token sale. For potential projects, we can assist in various pre-ICO developments such as token economics consultation and linking up potential partners or investors.

Keep in Touch

If you are interested in this new blockchain era and would like to collaborate with the industry experts, please drop MICA a message and we will be very happy to keep in touch with you!

We Connect ICO

Token sale, or more well-known as ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is rapidly reshaping modern fundraising and becomes one of the most effective way to attract investments for blockchain projects and early stage startups. MICA is connecting the dots of successful ICO investments and implementations.